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Cheap, fast, customized & bureaucracy free
The beauty of simplicity
on blockchain

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1gGOLD currency & financial system
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X-CH Exchange for another currency or any other stuff
corpusTU = CREATOR
We collect personal data from YOU only for the sake of performing KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures.
We insure YOU, that all personal data, collected by us in this process, is kept only on our servers & only for the purpose to know our customers and will never be shared with any other organization or person.
A brief description of YOUr privacy rights:

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We strongly recommend & advise you to transfer the bulk of your GLD-Tokens from your Hot Wallet to your Cold Wallet. Your Hot Wallet balance should be just big enough to cover your needs for the near future.

Visionaries recognizing the disruptive nature of the Blockchain technology.

Believers that fiat & digital currencies are in fact just liabilities and Gold is the only money & the ultimate hard asset.

Rebels against current centralized currencies & financial systems.
I acknowledge that this company, token, website is governed by Swiss legislation.

I confirm, that I am not a citizen, national, resident (tax or otherwise) of any jurisdiction which prohibits the possession, dissemination, communication of the Whitepaper and/or prohibits the offering, purchase, possession, exchange, swap of GLD-TOKENs.

QR code based payment generation & execution app. ✔ accomplished on October 20, 2018
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